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Every year when the holiday is released, it means that the Chinese traditional festival is coming. During the Spring Festival every year, we will reunite with our family, eat New Year's Eve, visit relatives and friends, celebrate the New Year Cigarettes For Sale, and celebrate the New Year. With the development of society, transportation is more convenient. More people will go out to travel during the Spring Festival reunion, browse places of interest, broaden their horizons, and see for themselves. This is not, our family has also followed the pace of the times to go out and see the great rivers and mountains of the motherland. We came to Taimu Mountain. Legend has it that the emperor took his mother to cruise the East China Sea, and he encountered a squally wind and fog. Later, Liangmu loved this mountain fairyland, leaving the monastic system, teaching the villagers to make blue, planting tea, and finally became a fairy, and was later revered as a mother, and Lushan was renamed Dagu Mountain. Because the Taineng Mountain is more mountainous and steep, the mountain road is steep and dangerous. In ancient times, the technology was backward Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and the back-passing people could not climb up. It is said that only the gods can climb up Marlboro Cigarettes, so it is also called the Shenxian Mountain Taimu Mountain Peak Ridge, and the rock is everywhere. . There are more than 360 stone scenes in Taimu Mountain. Some people like people, such as the husband and wife, the two Buddhas, the two sects, the Eight Rings, the Luohanyan, and so on; some of the things, such as Jiu Li Chaotian, immortal sawing board, gold-painted rat, golden pheasant, golden turtle climbing The jade rabbit listens to the tide, the heart of the sun, and so on, some have mythological colors, such as the too rising ascending stone, flying to the stone, Wangxianqiao, etc., the fast rock is all but the second, the step is changed to the Taishan Mountain. First of all, we came to the Xiongfeng Square and looked up. We saw that the two peaks in the distance were high and low. It was like a loving couple Cigarettes Online. It was looming in the rain and fog Marlboro Lights, floating in the sky, like a free-spirited fairy. This is the famous mountain peak of Taimu Mountain. On the undulating stone mountain, it has experienced many years of wind and rain, and it has formed such a spectacle. Looking at this couple, I can��t help but remind me of the story of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl. At the beginning of July, the Seven Cowherd and Weaver Girl met on the bridge. Now it is still the Spring Festival, but they can be together. Is it that the Queen Mother has made a compassion, allowing him to walk together and climb up step by step, to the heart of the Tai Chi, heart It is an important organ in the human body, and the heart of the sun is also a unique scenery of Taimu Mountain. It was a huge heart-shaped stone. There are many branches and roots around the "heart", and some of the branches stick out from the "heart" like the blood vessels that are staggered in the heart. The mountain wind blew, and the swaying branches seemed to be beating in the heart, as if blood was flowing. After the tour of Taimu Mountain, the next stop we will visit Luzhou Island and pay tribute to the sea god Mazu. My mother and I said: "In the future Spring Festival, we will all go out and visit the motherland."

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