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As a matter of fact, when I was five or six years old, I was reciting Wang Anshi��s "Yu Mei". In the following 30 years, countless poems of Mei Mei broke into the brain. But 30 years have passed, but I have never seen plum blossoms. I have never seen plum blossoms, and the poems are backed up. The feelings for plum blossoms are also empty. A few days ago, I learned that there was plum blossom in Yiyang��s Yiyuan. I happened to go to Anyang to do something. I thought that in any case, I should always go to see plum blossoms. Otherwise, it��s a fake person. Lin Biao of "Mei wife and crane son" also entered the Yiyuan Garden in front of the old window, but under the gray sky, in the cold wind, the bare branches are in the hustle and bustle, the dead yellow grass is dead, holly The tree is also a pair of gray-faced faces. The vegetation is dying, the life is dead, and a pair of winter chill scenes, but also hope to see flowers? Smell the cold and fragrant bones? I myself was taunting this infatuation Marlboro Cigarettes. Just then, an aunt came over and I greeted him and asked, "Auntie, I heard that there is plum blossom in Yiyuan. Do you know where it is?" "Is there plum? I am from I haven't heard of it. Usually I moved it to the exhibition for a few days, and I took it away. Where can I have plum blossoms here?" Auntie smiled and said amiablely.
My heart, the time is much lower than the temperature of this weather. At this time, several friends who lived in Anyang learned that I came to Yiyuan, and it was like a contract. We were still disappointed under the disappointment and decided to ask another staff member to ask. When I finally learned that Yiyuan had plum blossoms, but in the remoteness of the garden, our hearts were a little bit more comforting. Several people went all the way Marlboro Red, only to see the fake mountains unloading makeup, the water was frozen, and no birds were seen. I don��t even see a tourist. Only the wind is whistling around us. Why did you have the shadow of plum blossom? The more we worry, the more we speed up our steps, the wide-eyed search around, suddenly, a faint fragrance in the air, We stopped and saw the golden buds of the trees in the dead branches. The posture of the trees was not good-looking. The branches were also criss-crossed Wholesale Cigarettes. Each branch had thick flower buds on it, and a few had bloomed, mostly In the state of ambiguity, I stared at her with wide eyes, and my heartbeat accelerated. This is the plum that I have been meditation in my heart for 30 years! You see that she doesn't have a good-looking face. Yan Ruo Tao Li is not her; she is not so atmospheric, it is not her that she is not happy; she is in the weeds, unlike the lotus flower. The blue waves... are located in a remote place, and people around the Yiyuan Garden do not know that she is here; the cold is cold and cold, and there are no bees. Plum, are you not afraid of loneliness and loneliness? You must know that for the sake of this moment, you endure a lot of thoughts, and how do you compare the flowers in the spring? In the summer, there are trees and shades of the sun. How has your thin body been noticed? In the autumn, there are rice-leaved melons and fruits to eliminate hunger, and you have not given a little sacrifice... Now, the cold wind and the bones are gone, only you have reached the end of the years, however, you are hiding in the deserted place where no one cares. If it is not this fragrant and refreshing heart, we still have difficulty in finding your plum blossoms. Should I cry for you, or smile for you? I should advise you to join the WTO, or to follow your bleak time, I only think that all the verses that praise you are eclipsed, and the hundred miles of fireworks floating in the spring are so worldly! You stand silently, fragrant, you are, maybe just your own heart, I can't help but get together, smelling her fragrance over and over again.

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