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We are entangled in the shadow of the past, and there must be a mirror that is clear enough to reflect where it is. This means that many times, although the old time always exists, we are not clear about its content, including all the emotional fluctuations experienced. However, we cannot prevent it from coming to visit without warning. The premise is that there is a special opportunity for these to appear. "We used to be classmates" happens to be such a magic channel. It seems to be related to the memories of the past, but it is far more than that. When its melody reverberates, it will make people feel like they are trapped in a circle chair Cigarettes For Sale. Those bright times of the past begin to emerge slowly. What are they? They are carefully identified, but only the vague emotions are fluctuating and cannot be caught. live. Although this song is calling for memories, more of it is to open a special kind of life. They are honest, simple, and have traces of years, but they are absolutely quiet. It tells the time of a person��s growth. Strength, when you meet with the past, what kind of calmness should be used to sigh it. If I can, I would rather call this life the memory of the South, the rough and solemn in the north, and the gentleness and softness in the South, so the attitude towards the past is also very different Cheap Cigarettes. "We used to be classmates" is precisely the expression of the attitude of the South. I saw that the youngsters grew up and the memories of the old classmates are still there. In contrast, just telling the facts faintly, what else is needed? It is perhaps the most accurate assessment. Behind the sorrow and not hurt is the persistence of tiny happiness and another insight into life. Therefore, its moving power is here. The part it restores is the soft feelings of the soul. The people who listen to this song are moved, and those who are not completely old. I don't know how many people have carefully identified the monologue of the pen in this song. After the child's dialogue, her tone is gently and alone, although it is impossible to understand this content, but the bleak self-sufficiency in the voice is amazing. . The fusion of telling and singing in this song is the most fascinating place. They exist harmoniously in the interpretation of Zhou pen Cigarettes Online. Listening to it, they can't help but imagine and can't stop. I said that this is a song about growth and time, and the voice of Zhou pen is the perfect conquest of this kind of storytelling. Her handling makes me unable to believe that it will be such a mature. This song will be complete in the future. The version doesn't know what it will be, but I hope it will be the final one. Even if there is a long version, it will only make the songs of Zhou pens and students more complete. The dialogue between the distributor, the monologue and the children should not be changed. Here, children, singers and faint backgrounds form a complete world in which the complex and unspeakable feelings are br
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