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PLAYING POKER: The Ultimate Small Business Idea Part 2
Posted by nick_niesen on October 26th Wholesale Yannick Ngakoue Jersey , 2010

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The truth about online poker Online is you do not use a real deck of cards. You really don't even use cards at all while playing any type of game online. You are playing with computer generated information. These are the same numbers as mathematics that are flawed and irregular and have a massive array of patterns. This is why I cannot stress the importance of securing your own personal poker business. I personally found that once I re-evaluated everything I did not want to continue playing poker online unless I had an incredible edge not only over the players but the site itself. When I first started I played not for recreation but because I thought I had a chance to make some money out of it. Then when I came into the poker scene and literally got robbed of hundreds of dollars. I'm sure you've seen poker sites post their "RNG certificates" to show that you are playing a "fair game". "RNG" stands for Random Number Generator. The "RNG" is a special area in

computer gaming software that will "try" to produce a "random event". In poker software the "random event" would be the cards and the outcome of the hand. Not many people understand this concept but producing a completely random event from a computer is IMPOSSIBLE. Think about this for a second. If a completely random event was possible from a computer that would mean Artificial Intelligence would be possible. Artificial Intelligence is basically having a computer hold a real conversation with you and being able to do anything at all it wanted. Since we are not living in a fantasy world this is not possible. That also means that when the poker RNG software tries to pick random cards and random events it is simply relying on what it is programmed to do. Every event that occurs from a computer requires a human to program that event. This is the big question about online gambling software. How is it fair then if it is not random? The bottom line is simple.

When you physically pick up a deck of cards and begin to shuffle those cards you are causing a natural random event that a computer would never be capable of doing. Your motion and sense of touch and all of your other senses for that matter are playing a major role in where those cards fall. You will never get that type of randomness from a computer generated deck of cards. The poker sites will never let the public know how their RNG functions because then we could mathematically figure out the cards that will come next. Then when the site uses a "Third Party Tester" you still don't know what's going on for real! Are you going to trust a piece of paper on a site saying that the RNG is really random when it is scientifically impossible to have a completely random event from a computer at all?

end of part 2

Nobody knows when the first picnic took place, or whether it was an intimate affair between two lovers, a family outing or something more akin to a Scout jamboree. What we can be sure of, however Wholesale Dede Westbrook Jersey , was that a good time was had by all, because we're still doing it to this day.

When cars started rolling of the production lines at the start of the 20th century, what was the essential component, installed before the invention of windscreen wipers Wholesale Cam Robinson Jersey , roofs and velour seats? Yes, it was a great big picnic basket, strapped to the back and ready to go. Even the trendy sports cars of the 60s weren't complete without a rack for a wicker picnic basket. If it's good enough for Austin Powers, it's good enough for anyone.

As with all foody activities Wholesale Telvin Smith Jersey , preparation is everything. The well-prepared picnic will be much more of a success than the ill-prepared one. If you think "preparation" means stopping at a petrol station en route and buying a few sandwiches out of the fridge, it's a fair bet that your heart isn't in this picnic lark - you would be better off engaging with the countryside in some other way, such as playing Tractor Driver Extreme on your Xcube.

Yes, the longer you spend in the kitchen beforehand Wholesale Blake Bortles Jersey , the better. But that doesn't mean everything has to be prepared beforehand. If you like sandwiches with crisps on them, for example (and who doesn't?), all picnic experts recommend putting the crisps on while you're sitting on the blanket; remember you could be in the car for two hours - and so will your sandwiches. While we're on the subject of travel, don't forget that you're likely to be travelling round winding Wholesale A.J. Bouye Jersey , hilly lanes, so the packing of the basket is as important as the food itself. If you have space to spare in the basket, pack it with newspaper, ice packs and more food or your basket will look more like a skip when you open it up.

A much derided aspect of picnics is that the animal kingdom Wholesale Myles Jack Jersey , especially the six-legged members, also seems to have a thing for them. If you can include measures to repel them (apart from your cooking, that is), so much the better. Sprays Wholesale Leonard Fournette Jersey , candles, swatters and baseball bats are good starting points.

So off you set, cr

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