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It��s la la la, oh la la la...�� It��s so heavy rain inadvertently, it��s so fierce. It��s raining down, people don��t dare to go outside. I look up through the window, the ground is pitted, It��s a mess. These weak green lives seem to have been killed by this storm Newport 100S. I sighed and couldn��t help but feel sorry. But when I looked out the window again. Wow! I can��t believe myself. The eyes. They even "station" straight, strong against this storm. Look, they are more tenacious, they are the most ordinary, the most inconspicuous grass ... green, shiny, dazzling. Look Looking at the green outside the window, I am intoxicated with the grass, the most ordinary; the grass, the most small; the grass, the most unpurchase; the grass, but the most brave, the most tenacious. "This is how tenacious life before, every time Seeing the rain outside the window slamming the window, the wind is raging in the raging, it makes people feel very sorry, do not feel sigh - this beautiful landscape is thus destroyed! People are admiring such precious flowers, but who can pay attention to that small, green grass? However, no one has ever noticed that there are still grasses standing in the storm in these plants. Although they are not as tough and straight as bamboo, they have a spirit of vitality and perseverance. "The wildfire is not burning, the spring breeze is born again." Is this the embodiment of Xiaocao's tenacious vitality? It is not afraid of the wind and the rain Carton Of Cigarettes, and stands proudly there, not moving, not afraid of being folded. When the rain is fine, the tip of the grass is still covered with some crystal raindrops Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Under the illumination of the sun, it is lovely, and you can��t help but indulge in the green. When someone notices their strength, it must be Like me at this time, my heart is filled with inexplicable feelings. I thought: Isn't this metaphor the people who want to earn money to support their families and not cherish their work? They are working hard every day, and they are eager to get rid of the hardships every day. They are also guilty of difficulties and frustrations. They don��t have the tenacious spirit of Xiaocao. Look at the window again. The scenery outside this window is so beautiful. After seeing people, they couldn��t help but have a bright smile. May you and my heart share the green
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