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Just the moment I walked and limped, just the moment he was holding me, the moment I was about to enter the infirmary, a warm stream poured into my heart, nourishing my dry heart. At that moment, my world spring blossoms. That morning, the dark clouds were floating in the sky, the wind was blowing as desired, the branches of the willows were dancing in the air, and the leaves fell to the ground one by one. I carried my schoolbag as usual, wearing a summer school uniform and walking in the wind. The passers-by around are hurrying, some are cuddling with each other, some are carrying the bag and walking forward quickly, some are wearing headphones... They don��t care about everything around them Marlboro Red, they walk down and walk on their own feet. When I looked around, one foot was empty, and the whole person fell. The calf bone was smeared on the concrete, and a sting was straight on the leg. I shouted and regretted it in my heart: I really shouldn��t have it, I fell so badly, I was told by my classmates that I would When laughing. Future sports activities will also miss me, and even chasing and running with friends is a problem. This pain will definitely accompany me for a month... With regret and uneasiness, I slowly climbed up, and the people on the side of the road looked at me disdainfully, and walked away quickly. I bit my teeth, stopped and stopped, went to the classroom. I lost my floor and returned to my seat. The wounds kept oozing out. The students also laughed at me: "Haha Marlboro Gold, you fell so badly, it is purely alive..." "..." I have nothing to say, let the classmates laugh. The class bells interrupted the voices of the students. In this math class, I couldn��t listen to the lessons at all, just paying attention to the wounds. At this time, the wound seems to be getting more and more serious, and the blood keeps flowing. I am thinking: I will go to the infirmary alone after class, and come back after the wound is finished. Then the second class must be late and will be The teacher stopped the station Marlboro Cigarettes... Hey, my mood fell to the bottom, very desperate. After class, Tian Jialiang knew that I was injured. I immediately ran and asked me: "Would you like to go to the infirmary? I can help you." My heart is a shock: Why should he help me, Tian Jialiang Isn't it going to find Zengyu in class? Why did he give up such valuable class time? I didn't understand, so I asked, "Why are you helping me?" "Because we are friends!" Tian Jialiang replied calmly. "I... okay." I was a bit sloppy, and I finally gave it to him. He took me and walked step by step to the infirmary. Although, this is just a short sentence, it broke my confusion, filled my heart with warmth, my eyes were hot, but the tears contained it. In front of my classmates, I can't shed tears. I turned to him and showed a smile. Friendship is the constant clearing of spring in life; friendship is another kind of affection; friendship can be shown in any little thing in life... friendship, this is a supreme emotion. In an instant, my world spring blossoms teacher comment: a short sentence, but let the author's heart instantly bloom in the spring, as the wording of this article, simple yet weightless. The process is described in great detail, using simple language and meticulous psychological descriptions to contrast each other, comparing the author's previous despair with the end of the openness, showing a sincere friend image, and then point out the "Spring Blossoms" center point
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