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On Christmas Eve, when the Smiths sent away the last guest in the shoe store, through the window, Mr. Smith saw a ragged child. He was a coal collector, eight or nine years old, and his eyes were full of inexplicable hope. The boy told the Smiths that he wanted a pair of shoes as his Christmas gift. Mrs. Smith asked her husband to give him a pair of shoes, but her husband did not agree. He said to the boy, "God said you can't give you shoes, but you can give a pair of socks." The boy was very upset when he heard this Online Cigarettes. Smith went on to say: "Everyone wants a treasure, but God only gave us a shovel or a treasure map, and we need to dig for it ourselves Cheap Cigarettes. You have to believe in yourself to be successful." Socks, left the shop. More than thirty years later, this boy finally became the first Republican president of the United States, and he was-Abraham. Lincoln. After reading this article, I feel that Mr. Smith is a kind, caring and good person who knows how to educate people. But I also realized something deeper from this article. In the past, two people wandered around in order to live. When they both begged at a fisherman's house at the same time, the fisherman promised to help them. Since they were both very hungry, the first one chose a basket of fish, but the second one defeated hunger and was determined to learn how to fish with the fisherman. The fisherman gave him a set of fishing tools and taught him how to go fishing Carton Of Cigarettes. Finally, when the first person finished eating the basket of fish, there was nothing to eat. He was hungry and hungry and was starved to death on the street. The second man, however, aroused fighting spirit. Although he has no fish for the time being, he can create wealth through his own hands. Ten years later, he became a useful person, and he won. Why is there such a big gap between two people with the same life experience? The shop owner in the short article convinced the boy that he has a dream, and the future is bright; only to wear socks to find the shoes of your dreams, you have to look back, never give up, to succeed. The little boy might think: Why can't I buy shoes with my own hands? With the help of the shop owner, Little Lincoln understood the truth. Through hard work, he finally gained something more important than shoes. This is also the case in our studies: Only by studying hard and never giving up, even the poor students now will eventually make progress. In short, this short essay has made me understand a lot of dear students, I want to share my feelings with you: Don't be fooled into thinking what will happen in the future, but you should build confidence, show no disregard, never give up, do it down-to-earth Good things, you can taste the fruits of victory, isn't it?

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