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A new survey shows that the average adult tells four lies a day http://www.cheapestairmaxfromchina.com/ , or 1,460 lies a year. Is it any wonder that our children tell fibs, too?

Yet chances are when your child tells a whopper, it makes you mad.

Why do kids lie?

Kids lie for lots of reasons. One of the biggest reasons is to avoid punishment. After all, what child likes being grounded or losing privileges?

A wonderful mom I work with shared a story about a time her child lied. Her son was in math class taking a big test. When the test was handed out her child also received the answer grid! Her child decided to copy the answers. Later, when the teacher confronted him cheap air max tn , he lied and said he had not cheated.

Her son was a good student who hadn't been in trouble before. In fact, he admired his math teacher. He lied not only to try and escape punishment, but also because he was embarrassed and worried what his teacher would think of him. Sometimes kids lie to avoid disappointing adults they care about.

Other times, kids will lie to side-step a sticky situation or perhaps to get attention. Sometimes kids tell lies to elevate their social standing among peers or to gain an advantage. Other times, a child may feel threatened, insecure or guilty.

So cheap air max 270 , what should you do when your child lies?

One solution is to tell kids who have done something wrong, "You're going to receive one consequence for the bad choice you just made, but if you lie to me about it, you're going to receive two consequences." Normally, this approach will inspire children to tell the truth. When they do tell you the truth, then praise them for taking responsibility for their actions and tell them how much you value honesty.

If you sense that the child is feeling threatened cheap air max 95 , insecure, guilty or embarrassed, you can talk with the child about those feelings by saying, "You seem kind of embarrassed. Tell me more."

You can also say, "That's not how it happened. I need you to tell me the truth."

Sometimes you may inadvertently be setting your child up to lie. Let's say that you know that your child just broke your favorite vase and you ask the child, "Did you break that vase?" Chances are that the child will lie to avoid the Punishment and save face. Instead cheap air max 97 , you could say, "I see that the vase is broken" and then take steps to clean Up the mess, determine a consequence, etc. but the focus of the interaction is on SOLUTIONS rather than BLAME.

Or, you can take T. Berry Brazelton's advice. He urges parents to stay calm and say, "We both know that what you said isn't true. You don't need to lie. I can stand the
truth and so can you."

And let's not forget that you are your child's role model. Perhaps we can all work on lying fewer than 1 cheap air max 90 ,460 times per year!
One of your first steps, when you're getting ready to move, is to pick up a stack of change-of-address cards from the post office. Yes, old-fashioned go-by-snail post cards! You'll want to notify everyone in your address book and also.



charge card companies.

church or synagogue.



insurance companies.


organizations you belong to.


social security administration.

voter registration.

and of course, the post office itself. It will forward first-class mail for one year. For parcels and publications, you must agree to pay additional postage.

You'll also want to leave your new address and phone number with the buyer of your home cheap nike air max shoes , so anything that gets lost in the shuffle can be forwarded to you promptly.

As you approach your moving date: Set up final readings on gas, electric and water meters. Check whether you made deposits, years ago, that should now be refunded.

Discuss with your insurance agent the amount of refund due on homeowners insurance you'll be cancelling. Refunds may also be due for unused portions of prepaid cable tv service or health club memberships.

Be sure to notify anyone who calls with regular service at your home pool or water maintenance, diaper service, pest control cheap air max shoes , home cleaners, landscapers.

Inquire about transfer of medical or school records.

Drive around town picking up dry cleaning, returning library books and emptying lockers.

Start preparing for your garage sale, driveway sale, moving sale or whatever they call it in your town. Movers charge by the pound. Get a ballpark figure of how much that might be, and you'll find it easier to decide if the battered baby stroller really has sentimental value cheap nike air max , and whether it pays to take the refrigerator along.

Remember that you're going to have to go through all your belongings before you're done anyhow. Culling out the rejects will make the packing simpler. After the garage sale's over, you can phone a charity to have the leftovers picked up. (Be sure to save the receipts for tax-deductible contributions.)

And all that's before you've even interviewed movers or started packing!

The State of Florida's financial situation has never been more serious than it is today.

With a projected budget deficit of $2.3 billion, the State of Florida is one of eight states where a deficit of over $1 billion is expected. The budget shortfall is being blamed on everything from lower c. Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Online Cheap Jerseys From China Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Cheap Wholesale MLB Jerseys Cheap Cheap Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap College Jerseys Cheap Basketball Jerseys Cheap College Soccer Jerseys

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