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The English word Limit has two meanings. When used as a verb, it means limit, and when used as a noun, it means limit. ����Remember to learn an English word recently-Limit, it has two meanings, one is limit and the other is limit Newport 100S. So, I thought in my heart, if a person does something, is it possible to reach the limit if there is no limit to myself in my heart. For this question, I think I have given a definite answer. From another point of view, this question may be condensed into two words-self-confidence, that is, to believe that I can, and constantly instill myself with these three "I can" Words, you can verify that famous advertising word: everything is possible. In junior high school, a teacher often hung a very classic "famous quote": "Don't say you can't do it." Yeah, don't say you can't do it. I have seen a real documentary about a group of young people who love the extreme sport of freehand climbing when climbing a famous mountain in the world. They want to climb a cliff with a vertical height of almost 90 ��. Seeing this venue, A young man was obviously a little scared Parliament Cigarettes. "After all, I was climbing this steep wall for the first time." This was a sentence he said afterwards, so how did he overcome his fear? When he first climbed more than 100 meters, his heart started to retreat, because this is the highest record he had climbed before, but the height of this wall is far more than that, how to do it? While struggling, the partner above shouted to him: "Don't you want to climb higher to see the more beautiful scenery? Don't say you can't!" After hearing this, he remembered his wife's earnest expression mokingusacigarettes.com, so he continued to climb firmly Confidence ... As a result, he broke through the wall in his heart, the wall that bound himself and kept saying No to himself, and he climbed up the mountain. Let ��s talk about another example in life. At the school games, I went to watch the classmate competition. A student next to me said: "Yesterday a high school male student also participated in the high jump competition. Brush the record. "I was curious and couldn't help asking:" The result? "" It seems to be holding a pretty high record. There is a notice on the bulletin board ... Although in the end I also forgot to see the person's record But I remembered his strength to break through myself. Isn't that what we want to study? Finally, what I want to say is, remember that Limit means limit, not limit one's heart, Don't say you can't do it, you can do it, you must do it
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