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What is the difference between cigarettes and electronic cigarettes? Today I finally understood that after reading, I suddenly realized that electronic cigarettes and cigarettes are dependent. Today I will share with you the difference between electronic cigarettes and cigarettes. The first point is the difference in raw materials. Electronic cigarettes are electronic technology products, including atomizers and lithium. Composed of batteries, smoke bombs, etc. The raw material of traditional cigarettes is tobacco mokingusacigarettes.com, a widely grown herbaceous plant, which can also be used to make tobacco at the second burning temperature. The atomization temperature of electronic cigarettes is about 200 degrees. The burning temperature of traditional cigarettes can be as high as 1000 degrees, which can produce up to more than 4 Parliament Cigarettes, 000 kinds of decomposition substances. The smoke produced by point 3 is different from the smoke produced by electronic cigarettes, which is actually water vapor. The fog is large and the particles are relatively small. The smoke produced by traditional cigarettes is relatively large Cheap Cigarettes. But the smoke produced by both types of smoke has an impact on the human body. Point 4 Compared with traditional cigarettes, the smoke produced by electronic cigarettes will have a smaller impact on people around. But it can also be harmful. The fifth point is the difference in taste. Most cigarettes have a relatively simple tobacco taste. The taste of e-cigarettes is relatively rich, you can choose at will.
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