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Cigarettes are a kind of recreational items, and they are also items with a definite range of limits. The difference in price means that high-end and low-end cigarettes are clearly distinguished. So, what's the difference between these high-end and low-end cigarettes? The editor here tells everyone clearly that the difference between high and low-end cigarettes is mainly the shredded tobacco. The shredded tobacco used in some genuine cigarettes is mainly composed of stem, leaf, and tobacco slices. And we have to make it clear that shredded tobacco is divided into grades, and this strict grade is to be carefully selected to distinguish, the higher grade shredded tobacco is naturally more expensive Parliament Cigarettes, otherwise, the next shredded tobacco will be relatively cheaper. We often say that the high-end cigarettes use tobacco leaves that are mainly the middle leaves of the original tobacco leaves, and then combine different production methods to produce different styles of cigarettes. So today this article gives you some practical ways to distinguish cut tobacco. First, standard cut tobacco. This kind of tobacco is usually used in some mid-range or high-end cigarettes. Its color is a pleasing lemon yellow or golden yellow. Of course, some mixed colors sometimes appear, that is, orange. This kind of shredded tobacco is very good in luster and oiliness. On the whole, it contains very little shreds and very few stems. Has a compact structure and a moderate width and length. For some bad cigarettes or directly fake cigarettes, the cut tobacco they use is usually some scraps after the use of standard cut tobacco, and the quality can not be compared with the above. Second, expanded tobacco. Listening to this name, you should know that the production technique of this shredded tobacco is expansion technology Cigarettes Online. This kind of treated shredded tobacco can not only increase the filling value of the whole cigarette shredded tobacco Marlboro Lights, but also greatly reduce the consumption of cigarette raw materials. Of course, expanded shredded tobacco can also effectively reduce the tar content of cigarettes to ensure human health. Some low-grade cigarettes are limited by equipment and technology when they are made, so generally high-quality expanded shredded tobacco will not be used, and such a difference will cause different tastes of cigarettes of different grades. Third: Tobacco flakes are also a kind of filler, and they are only used in low-end genuine cigarettes. To make tobacco flakes, tobacco dust and stems, these two raw materials can be re-combined into paper-like tobacco products after undergoing some specific process procedures. When we get all the cigarettes, we can see if there is this object, because some fake cigarettes will not add this filler.
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